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Hip-Hop ‘Take Charge of Your Future’ Videos for UH

B-Boy Solid and Jason Tom rehearse for a Chop Chop Media video.

B-boys, rappers and a Human Beatbox…not our usual scene!  But we had the pleasure to work with some talented young people this summer on a series of web videos for University of Hawai‘i with a “Take Charge of Your Future” message. We loved working with the amazing Human Beatbox Jason Tom, and super-talented dancers B-Boy Solid and KC Lyn. UH student leaders Richard Mizusawa, Adrienne Ramos and Dwayne Tegman were terrific on camera spokespeople, delivering key messages about how to succeed in school. Finally we had the opportunity to profile some inspiring young professionals who shared their stories about sticking with school and working hard to achieve their goals and dreams: Leslie Au, Oceanit Laboratories; Brett Kimura of RevaComm; Pua Akana, Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center; as well as Jason Tom. These videos will be presented in middle school and high school classes across Hawai‘i. Enjoy!

College is for Everybody features Jason Tom, Pua Akana, KC Lyn, B-Boy Solid, Richard Mizusawa and Adrienne Ramos.

Prepare for College features Leslie Au, KC Lyn, B-Boy Solid, Richard Mizusawa, Adrienne Ramos and Dwayne Tegman.

Pay for College features Brett Kimura, KC Lyn, B-Boy Solid, Richard Mizusawa, Adrienne Ramos and Dwayne Tegman.